Compressive sports sleeves by CEP Compressive sports sleeves by CEP


With our compressive ortho products your joints, muscles and tendons will benefit from added safety and security. You can choose from three support levels with different compression strengths: LIGHT, MID and MAX.

Depending on your needs the specific ortho product will provide you with just the right stability along with precision support and increased blood flow.

Where do you need support?


Thanks to the innovative medi compression technology, CEP support sleeves apply even, circular pressure to your joint and the surrounding muscles and support your every movement. This is particularly important if your joints are frequently exposed to intense stress.

medi’s ultra-precise compression control secures joints, absorbs the impact of fast motion sequences and lowers the risk of injury. Moreover, CEP sports sleeves feature a compressive fit that stimulates blood flow and promotes recovery.


CEP Knee Sleeve with compression CEP Knee Sleeve with compression
  • Greater stability: The precisely defined medi compression profile stimulates your muscles and joints with a deep sensory effect so that you are ready to run on any surface – for rock-steady footwork and fewer injuries.
  • Skin-tight fit: No slipping at the thigh thanks to the skin-tight fit and microdots. The anatomical design in combination with medi compression guarantees that the sleeve fits perfectly on your knee without slipping or wrinkling when you run.
  • Improved blood circulation: The use of compression stimulates blood circulation to strengthen the muscle structures – for more energy and injury-free training.
  • More control: The skin-tight, compressive fit activates your cells and increases your sensitivity. This gives you more control over your joints.


Support what moves you, choose what supports you! Leave annoying interruptions in your training and competitions behind and support your joints with compressive sports sleeves from CEP. Choose between three support levels to protect your ankles and enjoy effective training sessions.

CEP compressive Ortho products with max support CEP compressive Ortho products with max support


The activating compression wraps around your muscles and joints like a tight protective layer. Stability and deep sensory stimulation provide you with heightened sensory perception and greatly improved control.

Precisely positioned silicone rings and integrated bracing elements support your movements for proactive protection against sports injuries.

CEP compressive Ortho products with mid support CEP compressive Ortho products with mid support


We purposely utilize an innovative circular knitting technology to achieve the perfect balance between stability, relief and wearing comfort. In combination with special massage zones and a preformed knee section, this creates a precision compression effect, resulting in activated joints, optimized sensory perception and extra stability. More control for every step you take.

CEP compressive Ortho products with light support CEP compressive Ortho products with light support


Lightweight and flexible, the smooth compression envelops your joints like a second skin. A patented knee zone and tape with a non-slip ribbed structure add to the effect – for a secure fit with no slipping and ultimate wearing comfort.

Complemented by increased sensory perception – for more control and confidence in every situation.






What should I look for when purchasing a sports sleeve?

The most important criterion is selecting the right size. The sports sleeve shouldn’t fit too loosely to ensure it doesn’t slip. Optimum stabilization can only be achieved if the sports sleeve fits snugly around the joint. Obviously, the sports sleeve shouldn’t be too tight either, to ensure it doesn’t pinch or even impede the flow of blood when you wear it. Before buying a CEP sports sleeve, you should measure the circumference of your joint and use our size chart to determine the perfect size for you.

What sports are compressive sports sleeves by CEP designed for?

The CEP sports sleeves are suitable for all sports that repeatedly strain your knee and/or ankle joints and thus require additional stabilization. Many athletes wear CEP sports sleeves as a preventive aid to stabilize their joints and reduce the risk of injury and wear and tear. Key sports include running, skiing and hiking. Of course, basketball, soccer and strength training are also quite popular.

How long can I wear CEP sports sleeves?

The maximum wearing period depends on the respective level of support. While you can wear CEP Light Support sports sleeves all day, we recommend a maximum wearing period of up to five hours during movement for the Mid Support and Max Support sports sleeves.

Do I need a prescription for the CEP sports sleeves?

No, you can purchase the sports sleeves without a prescription or note from your doctor.

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